Video: New York Mets Slugger Pete Alonzo Was Inspired To Hit A Home Run Because He Really Had To Poop

When you got to go, you got to go. For New York Mets slugger Pete Alonzo, that time came while he was coming up to bat against Cincinatti Reds flamethrower Hunter Greene.

In an appearance on Foul Territory, Alonso explained that his goal was to get back to the dugout and use the bathroom as quick as possible and he ended up crushing a home run on the first pitch.

“I mistimed my pregame coffee. Mistimed it. I had it too close to game time,” Alonso said. “And then I’m running, doing my sprints and then I throw in the middle of the first inning, I’m like goodness gracious, this is not good.

“So I was hitting the top of the second, I was leading off the inning. I said I don’t care where this pitch is, this at-bat is ending first pitch. Because I need to go.”

“As soon as I touch home plate, it was straight to the bathroom,” Alonso said. “No high fives, straight to the bathroom.

“… That was best-case but dude, honestly, if I had to run the bases, honestly I would’ve gotten picked off on purpose or something. I would’ve had to go so bad.”