Video: Tom Brady Fears There Would Be Crazy Expectations For His Son Jack If He Follows In His Footsteps

In an interview with ESPN, Tom Brady was asked about the possibility of his son Jack following in his footsteps. According to Brady’s ex-wife Gisele Bundchen, Brady’s 15-year-old Jack has ambitions of going to Michigan, where his father played college football. Brady raised some concerns of what might happen if Jack chooses to attempt a career in football.

“I hope he finds the things in his life that allow him to get up every day to be internally motivated to work hard at something that he loves to do,” Brady said. “I don’t think football — look, a lot of it I wouldn’t choose for him to do that because there’s too many crazy expectations that people would put on him, most of them probably unfair, actually.”

Tom Brady says he wants his children to find something they’re passionate about, whether it’s in sports or something else.

“Whatever path he chooses in life — or my son Benny or my daughter Vivi — whatever they choose, I’m there to support them, just like my dad did. … I think that’s what we as parents should do. We should support our children’s dreams, whatever it may be,” Brady said.

“It doesn’t need to be sports. It could be whatever. It could be performing arts. It could be music. It could be science. It could be law. It could be medicine,” Brady added. “I think that’s part of being a parent is supporting your kids’ dreams. Now that I’ve got more time on my hands, I’m very much looking forward to doing that as well.”

In this day of instant gratification, and prospect hype on social media, Tom Brady’s concerns are more than warranted.

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