Robert Kraft Throws Bill Belichick Under The Bus In Latest Seth Wickersham Hit Piece

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham wasted no time brewing up controversy in New England after Bill Belichick was sent packing after a legendary 24 seasons as the Patriots head coach.

First things first, before we get to what ESPN writer Seth Wickersham said, is to recognize he has a strong background of writing controversial hit pieces about the Patriots.

Now Wickersham is saying Kraft put the blame on Bill Belichick for getting rid of Tom Brady.

Robert Kraft on Tom Brady winning the Super Bowl somewhere else:
“Bill had told me Brady couldn’t play anymore,” Kraft said privately afterward, “and then he goes out and wins the fucking Super Bowl.”

Wickersham has made a career of trying to dig up dirt on the Patriots, and the majority of it reads like fiction.

According to Wickersham in his book, “It’s Better To Be Feared” …

“As for Kraft, in late September, he was in Aspen (Colorado) for a conference and bumped into a few friends in the hotel lobby early one morning. He told them he was leaving later for Detroit, where the Patriots were playing their next game. ‘I hate leaving here,’ Kraft said. ‘You leave here and you leave some of the most brilliant people you’ve ever met. You pick up so much knowledge from all these brilliant minds. And I have to go to Detroit to be with the biggest fucking asshole in my life — my head coach.’ ”

“Bill was an idiot savant,” Kraft told a confidant, according to the book, alluding to Belichick’s reputation before he hired the former Cleveland Browns coach in 2000. “I gave him this opportunity with the Patriots.”

Supposedly this was around the same time that Bill Belichick sent Jimmy Garoppolo packing for a 2nd round draft pick which may have been a shock to the system as the Patriots were previously asking the world for him. It is possible Belichick may have been pissed off if Kraft stepped in to meddle with his plans. At the same time Mr. Kraft has always been extremely careful not to criticize anyone publicly. Regardless if there is any truth to this or not Belichick and Kraft appear they were not on the same page.

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