Video: Tom Brady nails MrBeast’s drone with football from a $300M yacht

Tom Brady’s legend continues to grow. Over the weekend Tom Brady was hanging out with Jimmy Donaldson, better known as YouTube sensation “MrBeast,”. MrBeast is currently the most popular Youtuber on the planet. The 25-year-old currently has over 150 million subscribers.

Tom Brady joined MrBeast for his latest YouTube video with his kids Ben and Vivian on a $300 million yacht.

Mr. Beast issued a challenge to Tom Brady to test his skills, and he did not disappoint.

MrBeast had a drone circling the yacht, and he said that Brady had to knock it down with a football.

“If I hit this drone first try, maybe I should come out of retirement,” Brady said.

“You’re gonna miss,” Brady’s daughter, Vivian, said to her dad.

Brady clipped the drone with a beautiful pass sending it crashing into the ocean.

Never doubt the GOAT.