Video: Shohei Ohtani surprised Joe Kelly’s wife a Porsche in exchange for his jersey number

Some players hand out inexpensive gifts in exchange for their favorite members after being traded as a show of appreciation for their favorite jersey number. Shohei Ohtani, apparently handed out a Porsche.

Ashley Kelly, the wife of Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly staged a viral campaign she called #Ohtake17 to lure Ohtani to the Dodgers during which she offered to give Ohtani her husband Joe’s number and if Ohtani joined the Dodgers.

She shared a video on social media Saturday night of her opening the front door to see a Porsche at the end of their driveway. Confused, Ashley Kelly asks a man at the door, “Yes?” The man points to the car and another voice off camera says, “That’s yours. From Shohei. He wanted to gift you a Porsche.”

“Shut the …,” Ashley Kelly says immediately after.