VIDEO: Robert Kraft’s reaction to Tom Brady saying he is a ‘Patriot for life’ is priceless

The New England Patriots threw a halftime celebration for Tom Brady on Sunday at halftime during the Patriots vs. Eagles game at Gillette Stadium. The celebration brought closure to many Pats fans and especially for team owner Robert Kraft.

New England’s owner since 1994, Kraft announced that he is waiving the waiting period for Brady to enter the team’s Hall of Fame, and he will be inducted next June. 6/12/24 to be exact signifying 6 Super Bowl titles and Brady’s No. 12.

In a closer look at Brady’s speech to the crowd on Sunday, you can see Kraft’s reaction after Tom Brady said that he is a “Patriot for life”.

“Oh, that’s fucking awesome,” Kraft said as you can lip read the words from his mouth.

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