Video: Patrick Mahomes Girlfriend Is Visibly Upset After A Broncos Fan Called Jackson Mahomes “Mahomo”

Brittany Matthews, the fiance of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and his brother Jackson Mahomes deserve all the smoke coming their way after annoyingly seeking fame with their behavior during Kansas City Chiefs games.

Unfortunately for them with that will also bring out the worst in people. They are consistently seeking attention, starting fights with fans, and acting like fools on social media. To make matters worse Jackson did a disrespectful Tik-Tok dance on top of an area dedicated to slain Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor on the day they were commemorating it.

Patrick’s brother has been on the receiving end of taunts by numerous NFL fans who are now calling him ‘Mahomo’, One Broncos fan clearly upset Brittany Mahomes prior to the Chiefs Week 18 game when she heard the fan taunting him with it.

Clearly things are going to continue to go downhill fast for these two as long as they keep up their act. NFL fans have clearly reached a breaking point.