Video: Gronk Says He Will Play Another Year In Tampa If Julian Edelman Signs With The Bucs

A few years ago Rob Gronkowski felt like he would forever be a New England Patriots legend, but some of his recent actions have driven a wedge between his legacy, and Patriots fans. If his latest plan works out he may never be forgiven.

Gronk seemed destined to retire when Tom Brady announced his retirement a few months back, but that is all up in the air now. Gronk was asked what it would take to get him to make a quick decision to return to Tampa, and it happens to involve the one thing Patriots fans hold sacred.

While in Las Vegas during the 2022 NFL Draft, Gronkowski said Julian Edelman “needs to sign with the Bucs” in order for the tight end to return for a full season.

Edelman has held a hard line stance that he is a “one team guy” and has publicly rejected any advances by Gronk , and Tom Brady to come out of retirement.