VIDEO: ESPN Is Releasing A 9 Part Series Of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Journeys This Fall

After the enormous success of the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance”, the next logical step is to release one about Tom Brady. ESPN is currently putting together the Man In The Arena series, a 9 part series about Tom Brady’s Super Bowl adventures, that is expected to be out this fall.

“The series will be Brady’s first-hand account of the most iconic moments of his NFL career, including each of his nine Super Bowl appearances as quarterback of the New England Patriots,” Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr. reported. “Also in there will be smaller, seemingly insignificant instances that became pivotal events and paved the path of the future Hall of Famer’s journey, which takes a new chapter after his move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.”

After the way ESPN dragged his name through the mud during the Deflategate hoax, it is surprising that Brady would agree to work with them on this.