Video: Bill Simmons Believes Tom Brady Will Reunite With The Patriots Next Season

According to the Ringers Bill Simmons, there is a strong possibility that Tom Brady will meet with Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft in the offseason to reunite with the Patriots for his final season before retiring.

Appearing on Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli, Bill Simmons talked about what Tom Brady might do next season.

“I don’t think Brady’s gonna retire,”. “I don’t think he’s gonna be in Tampa next year, and I do wonder is there a possibility he could come back next year. A farewell thing, you know how much he means to Bob Kraft, could this be the way to put a bow on it? Could he come back for one last season?”

Rumors are already swirling, and the Patriots are clearly in need of a major overhaul in the offseason. With the third most cap space in the NFL anything is possible. It would be the perfect way for Brady to end his historic career.