Tampa’s Defense Forced Patrick Mahomes To Run 497 Yards During Super Bowl LV Trying To Avoid The Pass Rush

Did the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense crack the code on how to contain Patrick Mahomes last night? After forcing Mahomes to scramble for 497 yards, you can be certain that teams will be looking into Buccaneers defensive coordinator Todd Bowles scheme. Tampa’s defense dealt Patrick Mahomes one of his worst offensive performances in his career.

The Buccaneers had Mahomes on the run the entire game and it worked like a charm. You can be certain that Bill Belichick is frothing at the mouth to use some of their game plan the next time he faces Mahomes.

ESPN’s NextGen Stats calculated the amount of yardage Mahomes had to travel in attempt to allude Tampa Bay’s pass rush, and it’s astounding.