Red Sox Steve Pearce Cussed At Outside L.A. Nightclub After Win

The Boston Red Sox took their World Series celebration from Dodgers Stadium to the L.A. nightclub scene where MVP Steve Pearce was confronted and cussed out right on the street.

TMZ Sports reports, “First off, Pearce couldn’t have been nicer to fans and media — he shook hands, he signed autographs and he was talking with the paparazzi.

But, one shirtless a-hole confronted Pearce and started screaming at the guy, “F** the Red Sox n***a. What the f*ck?!”

Pearce got into his car without even acknowledging the heckler — but the shirtless guy continued to drop f-bombs until security came and intervened.

That wasn’t all …

Another stupid heckler confronted pitchers Matt Barnes and Brandon Workman on the way out of the nightclub and started hurling insults — calling them “dicks” and insulting their hairlines.

Props to the Red Sox players for ignoring these guys.”

Credit: TMZ Sports