Gambler Loses $1.4 Million After Placing A Bet On The Chargers While They Were Up 27-0 On Jaguars

The Los Angeles Chargers felt like a sure thing after going up 27 points on the Jacksonville Jaguars yesterday before the Jaguars roared back to win 31-30 on a last second field goal. It was a brutal loss for the Chargers, but it wasn’t the biggest loss of the night.

After three first quarter interceptions from Trevor Lawrence and the Chargers jumping out to a 27-point lead, one unlucky gambler decided to place an in-game bet for $1.4 million dollars. With the odds extremely heavily in favor of the Chargers, he could only win 11K. Seems like a foolish bet to me. If you have that much money to throw around, why would you even need an extra $11K to begin with?