Video: Tom Brady’s Daughter Vivian Yelling “Dad No!” Before He Threw The Lombardi Trophy

Sometimes it is good to listen to your kids, especially after being on a bender with your friends while drinking to much on a booze cruise parade when you just one the Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s daughter Vivian made a last second pitch to her father Tom Brady before he decided to toss the Lombardi trophy over the water to Gronk in another boat. As accurate as Tom Brady it was no sure thing that it was going to make it as you can see from Tom Brady’s humorous nervous reaction after he decided to throw it.

Tom Brady tossed the Lombardi trophy from his boat during Wednesday’s Super Bowl parade. Brady’s daughter, Vivi, could be heard yelling “Dad No! No!”.

Meanwhile you can hear Gronk yell “Oh Shit” when he saw the trophy flying over the water as if he didn’t expect Tom to actually do it.