Tom Brady’s Restructured Contract Spells Impending Doom For The Rest Of The NFL

Tom Brady recently restructured his contract and it is loaded with incentives that Tom Brady must maintain his greatness for them to kick in. Not that Tom Brady needs incentive, he has always carried a chip on his shoulder and even more the last few seasons after allegations came out questioning his greatness. It can easily be argued that Brady has become a better quarterback since the Deflategate accusation which lead to him taking home the NFL MVP award last season.

The triggers for the salary increase which will add to his $14 million salary if he finishes in the top five in each of five key categories are, passer rating, completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown passes, passing yards. Tom Brady doesn’t need an incentive to compete but it is nice to see he is willing to put his money where his mouth is to help the team when so many athletes want to get paid up front for what they have not done yet. Expect Tom Brady to once again dominate as he tries for the unprecedented 6th Superbowl championship before he retires.