Saturday Night Live Features Drunk Tom Brady On Weekend Update

It was easy to foresee that Tom Brady’s now famous Lombardi trophy toss from his boat would quickly be picked up as a skit on network TV. Last night Saturday Night Live did exactly that with a spoof about a drunk Tom Brady cracking beers open off a rough looking Lombardi trophy that appeared to have gone through hell in the past week.

On their “Weekend Update” segment Beck Bennett played a party boy version of “Drunk Tom Brady”.

There were some light hearted jokes about how Brady’s personality is different from his time in New England as a “Florida guy,” Brady is able to “go day-drinking on my boat and throw the Lombardi trophy around without a care in the world.”

“I’m not stuck in a freezer, cold in Boston with the pilgrims and old man Belichick,” Bennett said. “You hear that Bill? You’re not my dad anymore!”

SNL also did not hold back and had a few darker jokes about Brady after his Tom vs Time series last year.

“They don’t talk about the wins,” Bennett said. “They just talk about how I kiss my sons.”

After Che told Bennett not to let the haters get to him, the Brady bravado returned immediately.

“I don’t care. People can say whatever they want,” Bennett said. “I’m the best damn quarterback ever. I feel great. My wife is Gisele. I only feel gooooood.”