Red Sox Traded Jake Diekman For White Sox Catcher Reese “Spanky” McGuire

The Red Sox busy evening continued as they moved RP Jake Diekman for Reese “Spanky” McGuire.

McGuire is a solid defensive catcher, he reportedly has a solid stroke, but can’t hit for beans. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to keep his bat polished. Reese does come with some baggage after being released by the Toronto Blue Jays in his 2020 arrest for “car jacking”, aka masterbating in a parking lot. McGuire was arrested in February 2020, and charged with “exposure of sexual organs” after he was seen in a public parking lot outside a mall in Dunedin, Florida.

The audio of the exchange with the Pinellas County police officer shows that McGuire was unaware that others were in the area until police knocked on his window.

“I realized, what an idiot,” the 25-year-old said of himself. “What a dumb place to be hanging out.”