BREAKING: Bruce Arians Is Out As Head Coach Of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Bruce Arians, the former head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced that he is retiring from coaching to take a job in the front office of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Todd Bowles is expected to take over as Head Coach.

Arians said he’s relinquishing the Tampa job because “succession has always been huge for me. With the organization in probably the best shape it’s been in its history, with Tom Brady coming back … I’d rather see Todd in position to be successful and not have to take some crappy job. I’m probably retiring next year anyway, in February. So, I control the narrative right now. I don’t control it next February because if Brady gets hurt, we go 10-7, and it’s an open interview for the job … I got 31 coaches and their families that depend on me. My wife is big on not letting all those families down.”

This may also have been part of the reason Tom Brady agreed to return to Tampa because he did not always see eye to eye with Arians. It looks obvious based on the timing of events with Brady’s return. You can be certain that Tom is going to get whatever he asks for from the Tampa ownership.