Video: Texas Rangers Players Celebrate Home Run With A Bizzare Crotch Grabbing Handshake

Choreographed team celebrations have become common in sports over the past few years and the players are always looking for the latest and greatest ideas, but maybe all team celebrations need to end after what went down in Texas yesterday.

Remember when it seemed a little strange for athletes to slap each other on the ass. A couple players turned it into some next level shit yesterday.

Joey Gallo of the Texans Rangers hit a home run against the Anaheim Angels in Sunday‚Äôs game and celebrated it with teammate Nomar Mazara by grabbing each others dicks at the end of their handshake. I’m not sure what the message was supposed to be but the last thing we need is young fans emulating these kind of celebrations. Personally I have never been a fan of this choreographed garbage and prefer to see players celebrate like they hadn’t wasted time planning it out, as for this one I don’t know how long they worked on it but it is clear they didn’t properly think it through.

Whatever these guys decide to do in the locker room is their business but it has no place out on the field.