Video: Cam Newton Gets Rejected After Offering $1,500 To Swap Seats On A Plane

Cam Newton recently learned the struggles of the rest of us after he tried to get an aisle seat on a recent flight only to get denied.

The Carolina Panthers quarterback was aboard a 10-hour flight recently when he asked a man if he would swap seats with him, so Newton could have the isle seat. After the man rejected the offer, Cam offered $1,500 cash for the seat but the man stuck to his guns.

I can’t say I blame the man, $1,500 is a sweet offer but most airliners are not built for comfort for anyone over 6 feet tall and Cam must have been absolutely miserable. If it was a short flight it would be an easy decision, but 10 hours of misery can be a game changer. Perhaps Newton should have upped the offer.