Raiders QB Derek Carr Challenges ESPN’s Max Kellerman to a Fight on Twitter

Derek Carr vs. Max Kellerman on the next UFC main card? The Raiders’ quarterback seems to be campaigning for just that.

On Wednesday morning Kellerman, a often hated personality on ESPN’s First Take, criticized Carr. Kellerman suggested that coach Jon Gruden and the Raiders should trade Carr but wondered, “Can they get anything for him?” Kellerman said the Raiders should draft Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Kyler Murray.

“You can see when a quarterback don’t want it,” Kellerman says. “Carr didn’t want it.”

“I think Gruden knows they got to move on and the question is, can they get anything for him? Is he a placeholder until they find the next guy? How long will it take to develop the next guy? And Kyler Murray, if you could grab him in the draft, hell yeah.”

You can listen to the clip below.

Carr fired back Wednesday afternoon on Twitter, even tagging in UFC president Dana White

Whether Carr was more angry with Kellerman’s take that he “didn’t want it” last season or the idea that Gruden doesn’t want Carr long term, it’s clear Carr is furious with a show that his head coach has also been displeased with in the past.

And just when you thought the feud was over, Kellerman’s arguing partner, Stephen A. Smith, chimed in with a personal invitation to Carr.