NY Jets Head Coach Adam Gase Has A Hilarious Take On Tom Brady’s Future

Newly hired NY Jets head coach Adam Gase had an interesting take in his press conference this morning when he was asked about Tom Brady playing into his forties. Gase probably surprised reporters with his hilarious answer. Gaze wasted no time telling it like it is with his instant response. “I wake up and I feel like shit…and he’s older than me”. There is no denying once you hit 40 a simple task like getting out of bed is not as easy as it used to be. That is what makes Tom Brady’s continued dominance all the more amazing.

The Jets have been lacking at everything including entertainment since the firing of Rex Ryan. Perhaps Le’Veon Bell may be the big name signing on the field but Gase may be the real entertainment. The Jets certainly need something to revive this pathetic franchise and Gase may be the man to do it with his crazy eyes press conferences and his quick witty humor.