Notorious Patriots Hater Bart Scott Wants The NFL To Take All 12 Of The Patriots Draft Picks Away

There are plenty of media members foaming at the mouth today after this morning’s prostitution allegations against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft broke. Notorious Patriots hater Bart Scott was first in line of what I suspect will be many lining up to take their shots. Scott is ridiculously calling for the Patriots to be stripped of all 12 of their draft picks in this upcoming 2019 NFL Draft.

”I would take their whole draft from them. It has to be something that cripples them. This is a black eye.” said Scott on his NY radio show.

Of course Scott who has a deep hatred for the Patriots would wish the worst upon them and do anything to end their dynasty. If the NFL follows suit with other punishments handed down to owners that have been caught in a jam, they will likely only fine and suspend Robert Kraft if the charges prove to be true. Buckle up Pats fans the offseason has just begun and the haters will be coming full force with everything they can find.