Jason Garrett Has Refused To Acknowledge The Dallas Cowboys Are Moving On Without Him All Week

All week former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has been refusing to read the writing on the wall. Garrett has yet to pack his bags and move on after being told by the Cowboys they are letting him go. Garrett who has been the Cowboys head coach since 2010 has remained around the team’s facilities, according to FOX Sports.

“Never seen anything like it,” Glazer said. “Because Jason Garrett, they’ve gone to him now multiple times this week to say, ‘OK, you’re out as the head coach.’ And he says, ‘Hold on, don’t do it yet, I still want to be considered for this.’ And every time they do it, say, ‘We’re moving on, we’re starting to interview other people’ … They have to tell Jason Garrett, ‘No, you’re gone, we’re moving on.’ “Never seen anything like it.”

Jason Garrett’s was officially informed he was fired this afternoon. After years of mediocrity, they clearly plan on headed in a different direction.