Bill Belichick Is Comfortably Relaxing At The Beach While The Rest Of The NFL Throws Their Money At Free Agents

It is that time of year where teams go throwing their cash around at Free Agents in the hopes of improving their teams. Well that is what most teams do, but not the Patriots. Bill Belichick is soaking up the sun in Barbados while the rest of the teams are busy blowing up their salary cap allotments. The Patriots have already lost a couple stars in Trey Flowers and Trent Brown who went on to sign massive contracts but Belichick doesn’t seem to be a bit worried. He prefers to sit back and survey the playing field like a poker player trying to figure out the players at the table for the first 30 minutes of a tournament. Belichick will find his deals later in the game the same way he has for the past 19 seasons in New England.

Every season the Patriots lose key players and the fans panic but it is hard to argue with the results. That is just the way things work for championship teams, the only difference is Belichick has developed a sustainable system that he has maintained over two decades while most other championship teams get nervous and make mistakes leading to a quick downfall.