Antonio Brown Threatens To Never Play In The NFL Again

Antonio Brown left the dumpster fire which is the Pittsburgh Steelers and brought his show and all the baggage with him to the Oakland Raiders. It has been a wild offseason for the mouthy wide receiver. Brown went from having a very public feud with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, to injuring himself by not wearing proper equipment in a cryofreeze treatment center. Now he is threatening never to play again because of the mandatory new safety stardards the league has put in place regarding helmets.

Adam Schefter reported that Brown had filed a grievance with the league in an attempt to keep his preferred helmet. Schefter further reported that Brown’s current absence from training camp “has more to do with his helmet than with his feet.”

The eccentric receiver arrived about as visible as possible in a hot air balloon, and is now “radio silent” with the Raiders having no knowledge of his whereabouts. It looks like another long season for Oakland.

It appears the Steelers sold the Raiders a lemon. Brown has been a headcase for years and now he is going to take a second franchise down with him.